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    Power solutions will deliver the next generation of forklift efficiency. Hangcha is dedicated to leading the power technology innovations.

    Today we are ready to offer you a complete fleet of Li-ion trucks from low lift, high lift pallet trucks, to counterbalanced trucks.


    Lion is the king of the animals, so as Li-ion of the battery. Lithium-ion batteries can offer your operation an advantage by increasing efficiency. There are several key factors that may lead you to adopting this Hangcha new energy solution.

    — 5 years or 10000 hours guarantee

    —Rapid charging and opportunity charging ensure continuous availability of vehicles

    — Safe and Maintenance-Free

    —Comprehensive Test & Validation


    Lithium-ion batteries passed varied tests


    Automatic laser welding for battery modules

    Now, with almost every product in Hangcha electric line offering lithium-ion compatibility, you can take advantage of our industry-leading innovation now and into the future. Among them, this XC series electric forklift, a star product in Europe and North America market, will be a perfect alternative to internal combustion forklift truck.


    Brand new crossover style—simple but stylish


    XC series electric forklift trucks

    This XC series electric forklift features specialized structure with lithium battery pack which provides lightweight and flexible design, the perfect lifting speed and travel speed can help you improve the productivity greatly.


    Perfect lifting speed and travel speed?will provide higher efficiency

    Hangcha will keep leading the forklift technology and make material handling easier. We are excited to tell you that our forklifts with EURO STAGE V engines are ready, and we will share with you next time.


    Euro Stage V engine

    For more information, please contact us.

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