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    A series 4.0-5.0t Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Forklift Truck

    The rear leg of the overhead guard is thicker, the safety performance of the overhead guard is improved to ensure safety of the operator.
    The bonnet of the standard forklift is provided with the safety latch catch to guarantee the safety of the operator.

    With the integrated plug structure, the front bottom plate can be opened without tools. The convenience for routine maintenance and repair is greatly improved.
    With the integrated engine bonnet, the bonnet rigidity is strengthened, and the noise is reduced.
    With the stepping instruments, the display is clear and accurate.

    The air admission tube of the engine uses the high-position and independent passage to effectively prevent dust inhalation.
    With the large-capacity aluminum tube ribbon type radiator and the optimized heat radiation passage, the heat radiation capacity of the whole forklift is further improved to ensure reliable operation of the engine.

    Sheath for inclining cylinder
    Double driving wheels
    Driver’s cab
    High-position air exhaust device
    Colors specified by the user
    Warm air blower for the driver’s cab
    Rear working light
    LED working lamp
    Weighing system
    Heat radiator guard
    Solid tyre
    Colored tyre (white/green)
    Middle-position air exhaust device
    Air exhaust fire-proofing device
    Suspension seat
    Exhausted air purification device
    Cloth driver’s cab
    Auxiliary hydraulic valve subassembly
    Copper water tank
    Rear rail with horn button
    Counterweight guard
    High/low overhead guard
    Fuel tank cover provided with lock
    Mileage meter
    Protection frames for head lamp and back lamp
    LED headlamp
    Master power switch
    Fan protection device
    Speed limiting alarm
    Double air filters
    Alarm light
    Speed meter