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    Electric Pallet Truck 1.5t

    The vehicle is simple,smart,reliable and easy to operate.Compact structure,small turning radius and light weight,it can be used in freight elevators.Low noise and high performance;
    Reasonable structural design,so that the machine has a strong skeleton structure while maintaining a light weight.Fully open design for easy maintence and maintenance;
    The use of universal manual truck hydraulic pump to reduce hydraulic system failure;
    The whole machine adopts open design.It is simple and convenient to disassemble and replace the battery.When the battery is exhausted,you can quickly replace another battery(optional),effectively extending the working time by twice.
    Back anti-collision switch,power supply emergency cut off,the service brake uses electromagnetic brake and motor brake double guarantee,fully consider the operator’s physical strength,manual lowering function,adjust the falling speed by pulling the angle of the handle;
    The auxiliary wheels on both sides increase the stability of the driving.