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    Semi-Electric Pallet Truck 2.0t

    The pallet truck is simple, smart, reliable and easy to operate. The compact body, small turning radius and low weight, can be used in containers. Low noise and high performance can provide comfortable operation;
    With power-off brake function, the handle is released or pressed to the bottom, and the truck immediately powers off and braking. This function is especially practical when the truck is out of control or on a slope, which is more safe and reliable;
    Equipped with an emergency power off switch. When the truck is in a dangerous state, pressing the emergency stop switch can cut off the power supply, the truck stops immediately, and protects the safety of the operator’s body and equipments;
    Standard built-in charger is convenient for charging;
    The front bezel is easy to remove and the battery replacement is easy and quick; The emergency reversing bottom at the top of tiller, braking system adopt electromagnetic braking and motor braking, all of the protections can keep operator’s safety;