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    X Series Reachstacker 45t

    The RS4531CH-XRW86 reachstacker is a newly developed product based on Hangcha’s X series platforms. Inheriting the appearance of the X series family, it is fashionable, high-end and powerful. Using key parts of internationally renowned brands, it has excellent performance and guaranteed quality. Using advanced control technologies, it is safe, reliable, comfortable and efficient. It is mainly used in the loading, handling and stacking operations of 20’ and 40’ ISO heavy containers and meets the requirements for high-intensity and long-term operations of containers at ports, docks, railway and highway transfer stations, storage yards, etc.

    User specified color
    Solid tire
    Tire pressure monitoring
    Spark arrester
    Fire extinguisher (2kg \ 4kg)
    Automatic fire extinguishing system
    Heating device for cold regions
    Front view system (optionally with a memory)
    Lock camera
    Video surveillance system (2 cameras)
    Video surveillance system (4 cameras)
    Four-channel driving record system
    Vehicle intercom
    Reverse voice buzzer
    Public address alarm system
    Blue light
    Eccentric load weighing system

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