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    Zhejiang HANGCHA Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. set up a training department in Nov. 2005. Its purpose is to make each dealer and customer informed of the performance of HC products, method of operation, maintenance and service, thus insuring truck running in the highest efficiency. It established a series of training courses on the base of the customers’ requirement. In addition, this department holds regular training course on relative and new HC products for dealers’ A/S service men or technicians in order to meet the demand of HANGCHA’s increasing dealer team. What’s more, HANGCHA is ready to offer all kinds of training conducted either in HANGCHA’ s premises or in dealers’ site. And HANGCHA’s service technicians are going to offer periodic and non-periodic service visits.

    Electric forklift truck training
    IC forklift truck training
    Transmission/Axle disassembly & assembly on site training
    The usage of handset unit for controller on-site training
    Other training contents requested by customers
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